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In a global economy, the cross-border transportation and sales of goods, services and resources from multiple origins to multiple destinations is a complex affair. International business involves aspects of a number of interdisciplinary areas of study including international law, politics, language, accounting practices, environmentalism and culture. Understanding how these different fields intersect with one another is at the heart of the international business.

Ashton’s Business programs and courses focus on preparing students for working in a globalized trade environment. Students will walk out of the program with a thorough understanding of the contemporary business environment and trends, and increased industry-specific knowledge (international trade law, global marketing, financial strategies, market strategies and sales, among other topics).

Career Opportunities

Business programs and courses give graduates multiple opportunities to further progress in their career in international business, international trade and business management. Some of the possible career paths include: shipping specialist, business development manager, customs inspector, marketing manager, foreign investment analyst, market research analyst, risk analyst, marketing representative, tax accountant assistant, export sales manager, procurement manager, international trader, trade analyst, and international management consultant and government employee at all levels of the government.

Business Management Courses

International Business Diploma (In-Class)

Globalization and information technologies are lessening distances and opening potential new markets for businesses of all sizes. Understanding the fundamentals and realities of international business gives you a significant advantage over competitors in a global market.

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Diploma in International Business Management (In-Class)

Globalization means that our world is getting smaller. New and emerging markets mean new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Specific skills and knowledge are needed in order to get ahead in an international arena and take advantage.

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Ashton’s Diploma in International Trade is a flagship program and one of our most popular with students. For Sylvain Charbonneau, entering into the program was fortuitous because not only did he end up teaching the same program he started out in as a student, but he also met his wife. “I’m from Montreal originally,” said […]

Sylvain Charbonneau – Diploma in International Trade, 2012

For students considering Ashton, I would say jump in! I actually looked at a lot of other schools, but in terms of curriculum and the quality of teachers, I thought that Ashton College was the best.

Kana Takahira – Diploma in Sales & Marketing, 2012

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