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Cybersecurity in the World of Digital Transformation

By: CJ McGillivray

Published On: October 28, 2021

Cybersecurity in the World of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is everywhere. Don't panic, you are not trapped in a science fiction novel. You are simply alive in an exciting and unpredictable technological era. Businesses and individuals must continually navigate technology trends and embrace or reject new technology as it arises. Whether you are an early adopter or a more resistant end user, digital transformation is a part of your world. So what exactly is it? How does digital transformation affect the security and privacy of company data? 

Understanding Digital Transformation 

Going back to basics, the Enterprisers Project defines digital transformation as “the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.” Whatever your product or services, chances are that your business can be improved upon through the conscientious and effective integration of more advanced technological tools. But the phenomenon is obviously about more than just upgraded computers or increased bandwidth. Within a business and corporate context, digital transformation connotes a shift in workplace culture whereby managers, leaders and employees are all encouraged to shift perspective, increase experimentation and get creative with unexpected technological improvements to organizational processes. These days digital transformation is a matter of survival for struggling businesses. By going online and improving the technological processes of your business, you will stay more relevant and make the company more accessible to prospective clients or customers. 

Success Through Adaptation 

With increased digital tools and processes in the workplace comes an increased need for solid cybersecurity measures and contingencies. Business leaders need to seriously consider how they are investing in cybersecurity to support ongoing digital transformation within an organization. Do you count yourself among the companies and organizations who are taking cybersecurity seriously enough or is there more to be done? To protect corporate assets and ensure efficiency, managers and company owners can put more of an emphasis on continuing education through cybersecurity training for employees. Upskilling in cybersecurity is also a necessary skill for executives and management professionals who want to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. 

Educating Your Team 

Through their partnership with Arcitura Education, TechnoEdge Learning offers three distinct certification training courses for digital transformation professionals. Each of these courses equips participants with distinct foundational skills and expertise to meet the rising demands of a constantly evolving digital world. 

  • Arcitura Certified Digital Transformation Security Professional: This certification training course gives participants a complete overview of implementing and addressing security concerns or fears around the digital transformation process. The course also dives into the fascinating world of customer journeys and customer data intelligence. 
  • Arcitura Certified Digital Transformation Specialist: In this specialized certification course, participants will learn more about the benefits, risks and challenges of transforming your workplace. The course content looks at the practical applications of digital transformation in the workplace, which can provide an immediate benefit for working professionals and organizations undergoing change. 
  • Arcitura Certified Digital Transformation Technology Professional: In addition to the basics of digital transformation and cybersecurity, this certification course covers the basics of cloud computing, blockchain, connectivity, data, processing, commands and business analytics. There is a practical emphasis placed on integrating new technology into business processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness.


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