Crystal Trail: “I would take another program with Ashton College in a heartbeat.”

Published On: October 22, 2020

Through Ashton College, Crystal Trail embarked on an exciting new career path in human resources management. Our communications team connected up with her and got to hear all about her learning experiences and impressions during her time in the Human Resources Management Diploma Program.

Could you tell us about your background in education and why you chose this program at Ashton College?

Prior to taking the program, I had a degree for occupational health and safety. The reason I chose human resources management is because I wanted to piggyback on top of what I had already learned and get into more of the human resources side of everything. The reason I chose Ashton College was that, at the time, I was based in Alberta and the college in my area didn’t offer an HRM program. I reached out to some friends who were in human resources and they had recommended Ashton College. I called the school to see if they had online courses because I was based outside of the campus location, and online courses would mean that I wouldn’t have to uproot my family and move to Vancouver. I applied to Ashton college, got accepted and continued with the program.

 Did you always know you wanted to pursue HRM?

I have always been interested in HRM, and honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t go into it right out of high school. What actually triggered me going into HRM is my own personal experiences with terrible management and human relations departments. So, when I left my previous employer it really triggered me to go back to school for HRM so I could help companies and future employees down the road.

What stood out about the school itself?

 I found that Ashton College was on top of everything: they called me and answered all my questions and concerns. They were also able to give me financing options and they were really encouraging. I also really liked the program breakdown.  Another thing that brought me to this program was the fact that there were online web lectures. Two of the other colleges I saw that were doing online lectures weren’t offering live instructions. It was all online work or book coursework.

 Were there any lectures or instructors which stood out to you?

Yes, she goes by JD and she was phenomenal! She was knowledgeable in all topics; she was prompt with emails, positive responses and follow-ups. She was just very into her students. She would go out of her way to make sure you were understanding all the course material. Even after her course she would reach out to you and see how things are going. She’d offer the chance to talk even if you were no longer in her class. She actually helped critique my resume to make sure that I was ready to jump into the workforce. She goes above and beyond.

Were you given enough training and resources to dive into the workforce with confidence?


What advice would you give future students?

You really need to be prepared for online school; it takes a lot of dedication. I’ve taken online school before so I knew what I was getting into, but it can take a lot of self-discipline and structure because there are a couple of classes and instructors that require a lot of work, homework and studying. You need to be prepared to go to class as if you’re physically going to class.

My very first instructor had said, “You’ll get out of this course what you put into it, so if you don’t want to do the homework and you just want to skim by with your passing average then you’re only going to get what you put into it.” What he said made sense to me. They’re not here to babysit you, especially not online. But if you want to get the most out of the course and be comfortable going into the workforce then you need to have that self-discipline.

Going into the workforce, how will you use the tools you learned at Ashton College?

 First and foremost, I use a sense of investigation. For example, I go in-depth on investigating why an employee reported the manager to HR, getting the story from both sides to actually solve the conflict. Following that, I rely on understanding and patience which you need in order to sit down with yourself and see where you go from there.

What are three key skills to be successful in human resources management?

  •  The ability to work in a team
  • Professionalism, respect and confidentiality
  • Assertiveness

Would you recommend Ashton college and why?

 Yes, absolutely. They’re quick to respond and everybody you talk to is friendly. Even faculty that aren’t in your department are quick to help you. You don’t need to run around looking for help, they will find someone to help you.  Overall, it’s an awesome program with incredible instructors. I love their online web approach. Their online interface is so user-friendly, and to top it off, webinars have live tech support on-demand, so you can receive support without missing out on your class. I would take another program with Ashton College in a heartbeat.


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