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CPB (Certified Professional Bookkeepers) and Accounting Grads

By: Lindsay McKay

Published On: November 4, 2021

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Certified Professional Bookkeepers Partnership

As an education partner of CPB Canada, Ashton College is bringing career development, enhanced visibility, fast-track certification, and networking and engagement opportunities to our accounting program students. 

Read on to learn about the application process, member benefits and history of the organization. 

About CPB Canada 

Originally the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC), the Certified Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (CPB Canada) was founded in 2007 by a small group of business professionals who recognized the need to address the gap in professional support for bookkeepers. Soon after founding the IPBC, they realized that not only was professional development and support important, but also a national standard to demonstrate a bookkeeper’s knowledge, skills, and experience to potential clients and employers.

There was currently none and clients were being left high and dry by bookkeepers who lacked skills and experience. So, a curriculum specialist with years of accounting experience was brought on to help develop a professional bookkeeping designation and the Certified Professional Bookkeeper movement was born! 

CPB Canada is now Canada’s largest and fastest-growing certifying body of bookkeepers with more than 1,700 members and growing.   

Benefits of Being a CPB Canada Member 

With Ashton College being a CPB education partner, all students registered in the Certificate in Accounting program are eligible to become an “Affiliate Student” member for just $50 a year instead of the regular student cost of $75 a year. Proof of enrollment is necessary when you apply for the Student Affiliate Membership and you will have access to all student membership benefits including: 

  • On-Demand Webinar Library 
  • Regional meetings 
  • Member Tools and Resources 
  • Career Centre 
  • Annual Conference Discount  
  • Networking Opportunities 

An exclusive benefit from taking the accounting program at Ashton College is that upon successful completion, graduates will have the work experience requirements waived at the Technician level; normally a minimum of two years of Canadian work experience is required. That means you can save time and start making a competitive wage right away.  

How to Apply 

So, what are the exact steps involved in your application process? After successful completion of the Certificate in Accounting program, verified students will eligible to apply to the Non-Certified Technician Level and the necessary two years of Canadian work experience will be waived. To apply to get certified, you need to be a CPB Canada member, which is why we recommend you become a Student Affiliate member once you are registered and have your student number. There are some additional requirements which include: 

  • Letter of reference: one if employed and two if self-employed 
  • Accounting Software Certification 
  • Successful completion of the Technician level test with a minimum score of 80% 
  • Maintain 10 CPD units per year 
  • Be a member in good standing 

The Technician level test requires you to have an intermediate level understanding of bookkeeping and business practices, which our program covers. A complete description can be found on the CPB Canada’s Knowledge Expectations Checklist. Once you have passed the entry exam and have provided all your necessary documents, you will be able to claim a digital badge of Technician Level Non-Certified Member. Then you can proudly display your accomplishments on your website, social media accounts, and LinkedIn profile. Future employers will take notice of your accreditation and your resume will be that much more impressive. 

Did you know that on average, LinkedIn members with certifications receive 6 times more views on their profile? 

Pathway to CPB Certification  

Once you have successfully worked at the Technician level for a year and can provide proof of one year of referenced work, you can attempt the CPB level exam to become fully certified. Normally three years of Canadian experience is necessary to apply to the CPB level. Other requirements include:  

  • Two Letters of Reference 
  • Accounting Software Certification 
  • Successful completion of the CPB level test with a minimum score of 80% 
  • Maintain 20 CPD units per year 
  • Be a member in good standing 

So, what are you waiting for? Fast-track your bookkeeping journey and apply now to the Certificate in Accounting program at Ashton College. 

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