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Consider a Career Move with Ashton College for Immigration Consultancy and International Trade

By: Theresa Pugh

Published On: November 13, 2014

For students seeking new career opportunities with global reach who have an interest in worldwide logistics, they need look no further than Ashton College for an education in international trade. With so many businesses going global, products and services are now quickly moving across borders to satisfy international demand. And to stay competitive in this world economy, companies are now hiring professionals with international trade expertise.

Ashton College’s International Trade diploma and certificate programs endow students with the skills, knowledge and preparation necessary to succeed in this career. Graduates will learn how to overcome cultural barriers, build lasting alliances and effectively price products and services for international markets. These programs examine all aspects of global trade, from macro-economic issues to the pragmatic procedures of worldwide logistics.

As Canada is facilitating legitimate trade and travel with Bulgaria and Romania, demand is increasing for skilled professionals with international trade expertise.

Canada’s newly launched Business Express Program (BEP) in Bulgaria and Romania makes it easier and faster for business people from these countries to come to Canada.

The BEP will make business travel from both countries easier and visas quicker to get. Reliable companies whose employees frequently travel to Canada for business purposes will be invited by the Canadian Embassy in Bucharest, which covers both Romania and Bulgaria, to participate in the program.

The BEP is an important step in further strengthening Canada’s relations with both countries. It will also help ensure that Canada and the European Union fully benefit from the recent conclusion of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

To facilitate travel, Canada has opened Visa Application Centres (VAC) in Bucharest and Sofia.

But prospective International Trade students needn’t travel too far to take advantage of the flexible full-day or morning-only format offered by Ashton College in beautiful downtown Vancouver.

Whether students sign up for the Certificate in International Trade, or the Diploma in International Trade Management, understanding the realities of international trade can offer a critical competitive edge. The Diploma in International Trade program gives students the skills, knowledge and preparation to take advantage of the new opportunities in the international market, to overcome cultural barriers, and build lasting international alliances, something which is greatly needed in a strong, prosperous Canada.

Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, said:

“Canada values its strong relationship with European Union members and wants to maximize the opportunities before us to increase prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic. The Business Express Program will facilitate legitimate business, tourism and trade. It is an indication that ties between Canada and our European partners are strong and getting stronger.”




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