Certificate in Refugee Class Immigration Law

Demo Class


October 19, 2020

3:30 - 5:00pm (PDT)

Register for our upcoming Certificate in Refugee Class Immigration Law (CIRC) interactive live online demo class with instructor Daniel McLeod. During the demo class, you will have a chance to experience the benefits of our unique online learning style and really immerse yourself in the course material.

The CIRC course is intended for immigration practitioners and those working with refugees at various non-profit organizations, who are seeking an in-depth knowledge of this area of Immigration Law. It is designed to bridge theory and knowledge with practical experience and case studies. Practice before both the Refugee Protection Division and the Refugee Appeal Division will be covered in detail. Faculty are chosen for their in-depth knowledge of this specialised area of Immigration Law.

Who Will Benefit From The Program:

  • Lawyers who are members in a law society of a province
  • Notaries who are members of the Chambre des notaires du Québec
  • Paralegals who are members of a law society of a province or territory
  • Licenced Members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
  • Members of non-profit organizations who provide services to refugees

We look forward to connecting with you online! To learn more about the course:


Meet the Instructor: Daniel McLeod

Daniel K. McLeod is a Vancouver refugee lawyer with degrees from SFU and UBC. He was an Instructor on refugee law for the UBC Certificate in Immigration: Laws, Policies & Procedures (CILPP) from inception in 2001 to conclusion in 2020. He represents sponsored refugees, refugee sponsoring groups, and Sponsorship Agreement Holders authorized by the Minister to sponsor refugees, at Canadian Migration Offices around the world and the Federal Court of Canada. He also represents refugee claimants at the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration & Refugee Board. He has been the lawyer for refugee clients from more than 25 countries including Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Honduras, Iran, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tibet and Turkey. Daniel has presented lectures and papers on refugee law issues for the Continuing Legal Education Society, Legal Aid BC (formerly the Legal Services Society), the Canadian Bar Association – BC Branch Immigration Section, and the CBA National Immigration Law Conference. He has been interviewed by CBC TV, CKNW Radio, CTV, the Globe & Mail, and CBC Radio “As it Happens,” “On the Coast,” and “All Points West.” He has received a Simon Fraser University Award and Canada’s Medal of Bravery. He has a working knowledge of French and can speak some Spanish.

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Live Interactive Demo Class On Zoom:
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