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September 22: 4PM - 5:30PM PT

Certificate in Bookkeeping

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This class is a part of Certificate in Bookkeeping Program offered Live Online at Ashton College
During the Demo Class you will have a chance to experience the benefits of our unique online learning style and really immerse yourself in the subject and relevant course.
Things you Will learn:

  1. Significance of bookkeeping in the corporate world.
  2. How computerized bookkeeping is a double edge sword. What are its pitfalls and advantages
  3. A brief overview of various modules like AP, AR, Bank, Inventory that forms part of the computerized bookkeeping

This is an actual class, and to get the best experience out of it, you will need to participate in class.
Please have your camera and microphone on (mute the mic while instructor is talking, and unmute it when you need to ask question or when instructor asks you a question).
Attend Ashton College Certificate in Bookkeeping Demo Session to:

  • Meet our instructor
  • Mingle with future peers
  • Experience our live online learning style

Instructor for the Demo Session:
Cynthia Ellacot


Cynthia Ellacott, is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who has worked to enhance both large and small business by reviewing processes and making recommendations for changes. She has been working in the accounting field since she was a teenager in her family business. She started doing ledger accounting when she was thirteen before the start of accounting programs. She received her accounting designation in 2000. 

Cynthia had worked in many organizations from construction companies owned by her family, to real estate companies (Intrawest Blackcomb), private schools and medical clinics. Currently, Cynthia is working as a Public Accountant, supporting charities and startup companies, and doing personal and corporate taxes. 

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