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Carson Dunlop; Pioneers and Leaders in the Home Inspection Industry

By: Janice Bandick

Published On: August 19, 2015

Carson Dunlop has been a leader in the home inspection field for over three decades. Founded in 1978 as an engineering firm devoted to home inspection by Alan Carson and Robert Dunlop, Carson Dunlop is both a pioneer and leader in the profession, having built their reputation by providing unparalleled inspection services, as well as providing high-quality training and innovative report writing solutions to the industry.


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Carson Dunlop helped establish several home inspection professional associations in the early days. Carson Dunlop co-founder Alan Carson was a founding member of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) in 1987.

According to Alan Carson, Carson Dunlop is built on four pillars:

  1. Home inspection
  2. Commercial inspection
  3. Education
  4. Report writing

The common thread among their businesses is their knowledge of building science and a desire to communicate clearly. Carson Dunlop has combined this expertise with technology to create services for consumers, home inspectors and other professionals, and corporations.

Carson Dunlop provides:

Carson Dunlop also developed Manage My Home – a unique system to help homeowners understand and maintain their home. In addition, they created Carson Dunlop’s Home Inspection Training Program – The Home Study System, a textbook series used to educate aspiring home inspectors.

Become a Home Inspector

The role of a Home Inspector is to help clients make an informed decision using a combination of industry experience and education to provide the prospective home buyers with a clear and detailed report of the property. As a home inspector, it will be your responsibility to help your clients make informed decisions by providing a clear and detailed report of all areas of the property, from plumbing and electrics, to roofing and structure.

Becoming a Home Inspector is a natural career progression for those in the construction and trades due to their familiarity with plumbing, electrical work, roofing, and structures. In addition, becoming a Home Inspector is not only an easy transition from the trades, it also affords one with the freedom of creating your own schedule and being your own boss.

All of Ashton College’s Home Inspection courses a are offered online and in-class, and taught by industry professionals in order to provide students with a practical knowledge base to draw upon. Our home inspection courses provide students with the practical and technical skills and tools to prepare for the Canadian Home Inspection Examination run through HIABC (Home Inspector’s Association of BC).

Take the home inspection courses at Ashton College and step into a rewarding career in less than one year!



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