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Career Tips | How to Find the Right Career

By: Alex Nikotina,Tamara Papo

Published On: December 11, 2016

Many people think that the sole purpose of work is to earn enough money to live comfortably. While adequate compensation is important in any job, it is not the whole story.

If you do not enjoy what you do every day (or at least most days) and do not find your work meaningful and rewarding, you will not be able to work effectively and advance your skills to better prepare yourself for future career. It is important to find the right job – one that you are passionate about and that brings out the best in you.

Finding the Right Job

  1. Identify career(s) that match your interests.

    Before starting your job search, spend some time to make sure you are looking for the type of jobs that your interests translate well into. If you are not sure about what you want to do or what kinds of jobs match your interests, you can take a career test to generate some ideas. You may also consider getting career coaching or counseling to help get you on the right track. Sometimes impartial advice from professional counselors can open up possibilities you had not previously considered.

  1. Look at the bigger picture.

    When thinking about your dream career, you should develop a list of key characteristics that you want to see in your job. Be it flexibility, work-life balance or a certain leadership style, try to identify what are the most important criteria for you. Think about your values as well: what causes, products or services matter the most for you? This will help you direct the job search.

  1. Evaluate your skills.

    Once you have a general idea of your career path, take some time to figure out what skills you have that can be transferred to your future career. It can help you identify which jobs really fit you. When you think about your skills, do not limit yourself to experiences only at work but consider all types of activities, including volunteering, hobbies, and life experiences. You can also brainstorm with friends, colleagues, mentors, or family. Their external perspective may allow them to identify skills that you overlook.

  1. Check out the company culture.

    The job you are interested in may sound amazing, but don't forget to look at different organizations where this position is offered. What is the best work environment and management style under which you thrive? Is the company culture a good fit for you? Are there opportunities for career advancement? Considering these questions will help you decide whether or not the job is right for you.


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  1. Arav Ramakan says:


    Choosing a right career option is a very tedious tasks, it involves matching your skill sets with the interests that you have. So to keep monitoring your interests along with your career option is very necessary.

  2. Rina says:

    Having a bigger picture of the future motivates you to accomplish the thing that you have never imagined before. The consistency in doing the thing is what generates the result so focus on completing as many tasks on day to day basis.

    Each step will take you closer to your ultimate goal.

  3. Kirk says:

    I find this article really interested and inspiring. It is absolutely true, marking money is great but being passionate is fascinating as well. To like what you do and enjoy working with your fellow co-workers is truely amazing.

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