Career Program Brochures

Career Program Brochures

Helping Students Build their Career Blueprint since 1998

Over 200,000 students enroll in private training institutions each year across Canada. Since its inception in 1998, Ashton College has been committed to delivering high-quality career-focused education to adult learners in Canada. This commitment has made Ashton College a recognized institution in the field of post-secondary career education and continuing education programs. Ashton College offers over 80 programs and courses in a variety of disciplines. Our commitment to learning extends to both our in-class courses that take place in our conveniently located campus in Vancouver, British Columbia as well as our online programs which are accessible worldwide. We continue to adapt and grow to meet the needs of our students and push the boundaries of what we can offer. To Ashton College, guiding that growth and development are unshakable principles.

Our Admissions Officer and Student Administration Officer are here to help you and our students create their educational plan. We listen carefully to each question, get to know each of our students, and share their insight and expertise to make the best decision possible.

To learn more about Ashton College, please visit our About Us. For further information or questions, please contact Apurva Gosavi, our Student Success Coordinator, by email at [email protected] or by phone at 604-891-1250.

Hosting a Practicum Student

The goal of the practicum portion of our programs at Ashton College is to provide students with hands-on experience to supplement their theoretical knowledge and to help them develop professional competencies.

All practicums are open to students enrolled in programs that require a practicum for completion. Students participating in the practicum will have completed or will be in the process of completing, all core and required courses for their program.

As a supervisor, you will have an opportunity to enhance your management skills and become a mentor to a future colleague. By participating in the educational process, you are contributing to the growth of our students in their chosen career.

Benefits of Hosting a Practicum Student

  • Students can offer a new and “fresh” perspective on combating the challenges faced by the organization.
  • Practicum students can devote consistent and significant time to a project(s).
  • An organization/department may have expanded capacity to take on new projects or look more deeply into current projects.
  • Companies can develop a rewarding mentoring relationship with a motivated, curious, intelligent, and conscientious student.
  • Organizations find talent. While there is no expectation that practicum students will be hired post-practicum, many have continued contributing to the organization by working part-time during school or full-time after graduation.

Below is an overview of practicum information for each of our current programs that require practicums.

For Practicum hosts: To host a student, please contact Apurva Gosavi, Student Success Coordinator, using the Contact Information below.

Apurva Gosavi, Student Success Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 604-891-1250

Days/Hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm PST


Developmental Services Worker Diploma

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Diploma in Health Information Management

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Education Assistant Diploma Program

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Mental Health and Addictions Support Worker Certificate

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Unit Clerk Certificate Course

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