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Career Options for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type: Part Two

By: Jaxine Kurniawan

Published On: December 23, 2021

Career Options for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type: Part Two

Have you ever pondered what it's like to be successful at work? Arriving at work pumped to take on whatever comes your way? Do you get the feeling that you belong and that you're doing a fantastic job? 

It's true that some personality types are better suited to work in specific industries, owing to their nature. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (or MBTI®) divides people into 16 personality types, and these classifications help people figure out who would be most suited for which profession. To find out your MBTI personality type, take the below quiz. 

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The vast range of professions in the workforce may cause a sense of uncertainty for a lot of us. But worry not, because I’ve got you covered! Continue reading to find out which MBTI type is suitable for each professional career path. 



Unit Clerk Personality Types 

Unit clerks oversee the administrative and clerical needs of a healthcare unit. Hospitals, clinics, governmental health care organizations, and long-term care institutions are common places where they operate. After the completion of a nursing unit clerk program, successful professionals are responsible for transcribing and processing physician orders for medicine, laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, and treatment, among other things. As part of their role, they schedule patients for tests and treatments, as well as maintain track of patient data and documentation. Unit clerks also contact patients to let them know when they'll be admitted, discharged, or have an appointment, and even assist patients by arranging transportation. As a result, unit clerks are frequently the first point of contact for patients and their families, and they play a crucial role in ensuring that information flows smoothly in a hospital nursing unit. With such rigorous obligations, this job is best suited to personality types who are adaptable and responsible: ISFJ (the Defender) and ISTP (the Virtuoso). 

  • ISFJ the Defender 

ISFJs are more often found in disciplines with a lengthy history, such as medicine and social work. They take their professions very seriously, going above and beyond to satisfy people and match their expectations. Defenders also have the insight to devote their entire heart and soul to their profession. They are enthusiastic and commit all their resources to something they believe will make a positive difference in people's lives, which qualifies them for the position of unit clerk. 

  • ISTP the Virtuoso 

ISTPs naturally absorb knowledge from their environment while on the move. They are also adaptive and versatile, with the capacity to change their minds quickly to fit new circumstances. If given enough space and a hands-on challenge, Virtuosos can be very productive in the workplace. They are great organizers who know how to prioritize their responsibilities. As a result, they are natural in stressful situations, like in hospital settings, and can maintain a calm attitude. 

UX Design MBTI

UX Designer Personality Types 

The way a user interacts with a website or app is important to UX designers. End-users will have a better overall experience if the interface and design are more personalized and intuitive, which can be achieved by implementing well-thought-out and professional user-centric designs that emphasize utility and purpose. A good UX designer, after completing a UX design course, also builds experiences that customers do not expect but are pleasantly surprised by. UX designers must consider the customer and the overall user experience while ensuring that the product or service meets the needs of the company. The ENFP (the Campaigner) and ISFP (the Adventurer) personality types are most suited for this line of employment. 

  • ENFP the Campaigner 

ENFPs are most driven by professions that allow them to learn new things and express themselves creatively, like UX design. People with this personality type are willing to test out new ideas and pivot as necessary. They are also excellent listeners as they are always eager to consider the perspectives of others. Campaigners are also masters at seeing things for what they could be rather than what they are. In other words, possibilities and contagious enthusiasm for new people, ideas, and activities inspire Campaigners. 

  • ISFP the Adventurer 

ISFPs enjoy redefining relationships, reinventing, and experimenting with new perspectives. Because of their individual vision and simple drive to be themselves, they are natural artists and designers of all types. Adventurer personalities use their creativity and intellect to craft risky concepts that speak to people's hearts as they are so sensitive to others' emotions and have a talent for perceiving things that their audience understands. 

Digital Marketing MBTI

Digital Marketing Personality Types 

Digital marketing combines marketing and technology tools with business and design principles to leverage the internet to achieve organizational goals. A digital marketer is someone who utilizes digital channels to connect with consumers, build brand awareness, and promote products and services. Due to the unique combination of planning, creativity, and strategy that their career needs, digital marketers are accountable for various duties. With the completion of a digital marketing certificate program, professionals can successfully master a wide range of skills and technology to stay up with the ever-growing digital media platforms they use to create, implement, manage, and measure campaigns. The best personality types to work as digital marketers include ESTPs (the Entrepreneur) and INTPs (the Logician) 

  • ESTP the Entrepreneur 

Sales, commercial negotiations, and marketing are ideal fits for ESTPs because of their social intelligence and innate fearlessness and improvisational flair. They are also adaptable individuals who can make nearly any circumstance more fascinating. Entrepreneurs thrive on practical ideas and digging into the details so that they may put them to use. Because they blend their bravery with practicality, entrepreneurs like experimenting with new ideas and solutions. They put things together in unique ways that no one else could have thought of. 

  • INTP the Logician 

INTPs often spend all day studying concepts and possibilities. A career in digital marketing allows them to completely utilize their skills, which include originality, a passion for new ideas, and a creative mindset. Logicians are adaptable enough to succeed in tasks that do not appear to be a natural match. Because of their analytical nature, they are also able to spot unexpected patterns and connections that other personality types may overlook. Logicians are driven by curiosity and a great desire to comprehend everything. This personality type is open to new ideas and ways of doing things as long as they are backed up by sound logic. 


Human Resources Personality Types 

From the most junior employee to the CEO, human resources specialists are responsible for managing the workers of an organization. Hiring and recruiting, processing payrolls, performing disciplinary measures, revising rules, and many other tasks are all part of the job description. The primary responsibility of an HR professional is to contribute to the company’s professional growth and success by concentrating on the employees and the best method to assist in the process of reaching the main goal. Completing a human resources program will help individuals in successfully performing their duties. Employee HR support also has a positive impact on every organization, and it exists to assist employees in achieving their objectives. With such significant duties, ESFPs (the Entertainer) and ENTPs (the Debater) are the ideal personality types for this position. 

  • ESFP the Entertainer 

ESFPs are often the first to provide emotional support and practical advice to someone who is having trouble speaking out about a tough topic. These personality types want to make the workplace as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. People with the Entertainer personality type may use their pleasant and laid-back demeanour to get others to join them in bonding doing practical tasks. Entertainers are gregarious and like paying attention to others, which is an advantageous trait for a career in human resources. 

  • ENTP the Debater 

The advantage of being an ENTP is that they are naturally engaged and driven to be practical and helpful. This personality type is focused on coming up with solutions to a wide range of fascinating and varied technological and intellectual problems. Debaters are astounding in their ability and enthusiasm to investigate a fascinating subject. They also have a unique way of expressing themselves through words and wit. Their self-assurance, quick thinking, and ability to creatively combine disparate topics result in a pleasant, even funny, and informative communication style.  

Personality Type Isn’t Everything 

Overall, various people with different personalities are better suited for different job paths. The first part of this blog series addresses which MBTI personality type is most suited for several professional options. With life coach training, the completion of an education assistant program, and the culmination of accounting courses, some personality types would prosper in their respective career domains. But personality types are not the essential criterion for success in a particular line of work. Anyone can succeed in their chosen line of employment with the right education and hard work. 

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” 

– Tim Notke 

Are you an ISTJ, INFJ, INFP, INTJ, ESFJ, ESTJ, ENFJ or ENTJ? Check out part one of this blog series to find the ideal career match for you. 

Part One


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