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Canadian Securities Course

By: Janice Bandick

Published On: January 22, 2015

What is the CSC?

The Canadian Securities Course (CSC), awarded by the Canadian Securities Institute, is a baseline regulatory requirement to perform securities and mutual fund transactions in many financial services positions.

The CSC is the course required to become licensed to work within the Canadian securities industry as a securities registered representative for a securities broker. The CSC can also be used to satisfy the educational requirement necessary to become licenced to sell mutual funds in Canada, set out by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association.

The CSC consists of two exams that must be completed within 1 year of registration in the course. The course requires between 150-200 hours of study.

Who Should Consider Completing the CSC?

In a highly competitive environment like financial services, employees who are committed to their continuing personal development are the ones who excel.

For those just entering the financial services industry, the Canadian Securities Course provides the knowledge and skills that employers demand and serves as a foundational financial services credential.

The CSC can lead to numerous career paths within the industry, including:

  • Mutual Funds Licensed Dealer
  • Financial Planner
  • Full Service Financial Representative
  • Discount Brokerage Investment Representative
  • Investment Representative
  • Bank or Trust Company Officer
  • Portfolio Manager

For those currently working in the industry, the CSC will enhance existing skills and help graduates to excel in their careers.

The CSC is an entry-level certificate that can lead to the following credentials:

  • Certificate in Financial Services Advice
  • Certificate in Investment Dealer Compliance
  • Certificate in Advanced Investment Advices
  • Certificate in Fixed Income Trading and Sales
  • Certificate in Equity Trading and Sales
  • Certificate in Advances Mutual Funds Advice
  • Certificate in Personal Banking

Ashton’s Canadian Securities Course

This twelve-week course is the perfect preparation for writing the CSC examinations and attaining your CSC designation. Ashton’s Canadian Securities Course consists of twelve classes, which take place from 6.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m. once per week, for a total of 36 hours of instruction time. The course covers various industry-applicable topics, including the Canadian investment marketplace, the Canadian economy, various investment products, and portfolio analysis. Students will also explore best practices for client communications and portfolio management.

Click here to view dates and register for Ashton's Canadian Securities Course.







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