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Building her Family’s Future | Daisy Rajaratnam

By: Alex Nikotina

Published On: May 25, 2016

The question of “how did you get into your field” can be easy to answer for some people, but harder for others. For Daisy Rajaratnam, her journey to a career in financial services took her by surprise.

“I immigrated to Canada from Sri-Lanka a few years back,” shares Daisy. “I was a teacher back home, so after coming here I pursued the teaching profession for a while, working with preschool children.”

As much as Daisy liked what she was doing, she knew that she needed a better means to support herself and her family in Canada. “Being a new immigrant and trying to succeed here in Canada was tough for me and my family.” During her search for opportunities to diversify her income, Daisy was introduced to financial advising.

“Seeing how much impact can a financial services professional make in a person's life got me excited. The more I talked to my financial adviser, the more attracted I became to the financial services field.”

DaisyThe more Daisy learned about the financial services profession, the more intrigued she became. So when she heard of a part-time opportunity in the insurance industry, she jumped at it. “I joined in early 2010 without yet having a clear idea of what the insurance industry would look like,” reflects Daisy. “But I was excited to start something new.”

A busy mother of two, Daisy added a part-time job in insurance to her busy schedule, focusing on getting training and experience in the field. However, Daisy knew that she needed to learn more about the insurance field in order to truly become a professional. “I completed my LLQP [Life License Qualification Program] in 2012, and decided to pursue insurance advising on a full-time basis.”

Currently, Daisy is working as a Life and Health Insurance Advisor with DFSIN Financial Security Independent Network. Whether it is client consultations, advice on critical or disability insurance, or working on group benefits for companies, Daisy is always on top of her game.


“I value the fact that I am working independently as an adviser for individual clients and families. As a former teacher and as a person who understands financial difficulties, I enjoy helping and educating people on how to make wiser financial decisions.”

But Daisy is not stopping there. “I’m planning to continue to grow my business and provide the best service to my clients. And I always start with myself: I am currently pursuing my CFP designation, and am aiming to complete my CLU and CHS in the near future. I believe that designations are very important in the financial services profession because they can provide me with the knowledge we need to grow and succeed.”


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  1. Yoga Perera says:

    Well done, Daisy! What an inspiration you are!! God bless you and all your endeavours

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