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  • Date: Tuesday, November 17th
  • Time: 3:00 to 4:30 pm (PT)
  • Facilitator: George Mikhailov // Master's Degree in IT Security, CISSP and CEH Certifications
  • Bio: George Mikhailov has over 20 years of vital experience working in cybersecurity and information technology. As an educator, he possesses an intricate knowledge of cybersecurity technology and the leading best practices 
  • Description: In this exciting free workshop, you will learn all about cybersecurity for the future work environment, the current role of cybersecurity in our daily lives and how cybersecurity is changing the way we live and work. We will also cover the fundamentals of cloud security, the advantages and disadvantages of cloud technology and what you need to know before starting a career in cybersecurity.


  • Date: Wednesday, November 18th
  • Time: 3:00 to 4:30 pm (PT)
  • Facilitator: Victor Cole // Bachelor's Degree in Education, Red Seal Automotive Service Technician
  • Bio: Victor Cole has been an Automotive Service Technician for over 20 years. He became a teacher to do his part to help tomorrow’s generation be successful in a world that is ever-changing. 
  • Description: This valuable workshop will help you understand how much money you should spend, what to look for in an advertisement, what to look for when you are getting a pre-purchase inspection and how you can tell if a vehicle was tampered with. The workshop will also cover the cost of ownership change, documents required to change ownership and why and factors which are commonly often overlooked, such as insurance, fuel, cost of repair and reliability. To round off the workshop, our instructor will help you understand the process of certifying and maintaining your vehicle.


  • Date: Thursday, November 19th
  • Time: 2:00 to 3:30 pm (PT)
  • FacilitatorSuzanne Adams // Director of Human Services Programs 
  • Bio: Suzanne Adams has had the honour of working in the human services field in different capacities for over 30 years, from assisting adults with developmental disabilities to live their lives more fully to working within classroom environments. Teaching was a natural progression from her passion for helping people reach their full potential.
  • Description: It is not always easy to spot behaviour that will challenge us during its early stages. We all engage in behaviour that challenges others at times, it’s part of being human. Many young children naturally have tantrums and some teenagers may demonstrate other behaviours like ignoring their parents. However behaviour can become challenging when it is harmful to the child or other people, it interferes with the child being able to engage in life experiences and when it persists and is severe. It is helpful to remember that all behaviours are a means of communication for your child—they are to trying to tell you something. The challenge for you is to work out what your child is trying to tell you through their actions. What do these actions tell you about their needs and what’s happening for them? With the knowledge from this workshop, you can better work out how to help your child meet their needs, including finding ways to help them use other, more acceptable, ways to communicate.


  • Date: Wednesday, November 25th
  • Time: 3:00 to 4:30 pm (PT)
  • FacilitatorJabeen Boga // Chartered Professional in Human Resources, Certified Human Resources Leader and SHRM Senior Certified Professional
  • Bio: Jabeen Boga is a Human Resources professional with over ten years of progressive experience across a wide variety of human resources functions that include employee relations, performance management, change management, HRIS, health and safety and total rewards.
  • Description: We live in a world of constant change. Stagnation is never good for your personal life, and it is never good for your business. The only way to exit a crisis with an advantage is to implement change fast enough and successfully. In this workshop, we will help attendees identify the need for change management, discuss incremental change as compared to radical change and describe how to prepare employees for change. We will also cover the forces that cause resistance to change, how to recognize strategies that can increase motivation to change and how to diagnose forces driving and resisting organizational change.

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