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Benefits to Taking an HR Program Online

By: Ronda Payne

Published On: March 26, 2020

Ours is an online world. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that while the world is more connected than ever before in terms of travel, it also showed that information, collaboration and relationships exist online as well as in-person. It’s natural then, to extend things like education to the online environment even more than they have been before.

It’s easier than ever to take human resources courses online and there are a variety of benefits to doing so. Taking HR courses online contribute to your overall education and skillset giving you potential eligibility for higher paying and higher ranking positions both within your current organization and in others you might be considering applying to. So, obviously, more money and a higher-ranking job are great reasons to take HR courses online, but there’s more to it than that.

1. Your health and wellness aren’t an issue when you learn online.

It’s been said many times that kids going to school create a germ factory and while adults tend to have better handwashing and social distancing practices when they aren’t well, viruses continue to spread through all ages. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a perfect example of this.

Unfortunately, even traditional classroom environments for adults can cause issues during epidemics and pandemics. They can also be an issue during more simple situations like a standard cold season. No one wants to be exposed to germs just because they want to earn an education. That’s why, during the pandemic, Ashton College joined many other post-secondary institutions in the move to providing only online education options including human resources courses online. The benefit that came out of this horrible world crisis is that more education became available through online methods than ever before.

This keeps students and educators safe in all kinds of circumstances and ensures there is no disruption to normal class structures. This new structure will continue into the future for many classes.

2. You can learn from anywhere.

Do you live in a rural community that would mean a terribly long commute to classes? Maybe you don’t have a car, or have limited access to public transit to get you to your desired courses. Taking HR courses online means that you don’t have to drive or pay for parking or even worry about how much time it might take to navigate traffic. You simply login and learn.

3. There is a great amount of flexibility in online education.

While many classes are still held at the same times with online education as they would be for in-person classes, a lot of these are at night allowing individuals who are working full-time to advance their education. This allows students to structure their days around their courses and complete their education when it works for them.

This kind of flexibility is great for those who are already working in HR, but haven’t taken classes in quite a while. They may have forgotten how much energy it takes to include schooling in their day or it may simply be a case of learning how to learn in a more structured environment again. No matter the reason, online courses give the ability to re-watch seminars and lectures, to interact through online classrooms with others and to take the time required to get up to speed with learning.

Online learning options truly allow for the kind of self-pacing that an in-person class never can accommodate.

4. Building a unique base of colleagues.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits of taking online education is the ability to build a network of colleagues that is unique from what would happen in a classroom environment. Because people can attend from a wide range of regions and take classes while working full-time, there is a likelihood to have those new to HR as well as very experienced individuals in a human resources course online.

Relationships formed during education are often long-lasting and can represent a positive impact on your career going forward. You’ll have a diverse range of individuals within your industry to call upon when you need input, advice or just someone to chat to who understands what you’re experiencing. It’s more important than ever to build up a varied community in order to accelerate your career, stimulate your mind and stay in-the-know about your industry.

5. Some HR courses online are free like seminars and standalone workshops.

While the free courses and those with a greatly reduced price tag won’t come with any designations, they do deliver a lot of knowledge for your investment of time. Plus, for those who have previously taken human resources courses online, the experience will be familiar making it easier to learn and absorb the information being provided in these quick education sources.

Sometimes these individual courses are offered through HR associations as part of membership while in other cases it may be a “loss-leader” type of a course designed to draw you into a full-scale program. Whatever the opportunity, know if the information being taught is of benefit to you and get all that you can out of it.

It can be cheaper to take full-scale HR programs online as well in that often, there is no need to purchase textbooks or other resource materials as they are all provided free of charge online. The definitely represents a cost savings to students even when the course fee is the same as an in-person course fee.

6. Better instructors.

Having education offered online gives everyone more flexibility – not just students. This means that potential instructors who may not have been able to teach at certain times or get to a campus can now offer their knowledge through online platforms. It opens the education institution to a greater abundance of expertise and is able to provide more knowledge to students.

Online education is a great way to approach HR learning. There are a wide range of courses and opportunities to take advantage of to benefit your career. Get to know what is available and consider what you want for your career in order to make the right choices for your future.


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    Really interested in Human Resources course.

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    I really appreciate the work you have done, you explained everything in such an amazing and simple way.

  3. Can you please provide list of HR Courses that are free online?

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