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Beginner Python Projects to Try Now

By: Lindsay McKay

Published On: July 27, 2021

Beginner Python Projects to Try Now

The need for Python developers is not slowing down. Top companies like Instagram, Google, Netflix, NASA, Reddit, and so many more rely on Python. It is no surprise that it is always among the top three loved programming languages, with its many uses and versatility. Having a Python certification on your resume will make you an attractive candidate to employers.  

Before you start your first project 

Before you begin, you need to gain a basic understanding of Python with help of a Python for Beginners course. Once you have gained a basic understanding, you will need to decide what platform you would like to build your project on. Consider any of the following:  

  • Web application such as Django or Flask  
  • Build yourself a desktop UI by starting with a prebuilt framework such as PySimple GUI or PyQt5 
  • Command-Line applications including Docopt, Plac, or Cliff 

Python Projects: Why do them? 

To become better at programming, practice is key. Project-based learning has been proven to improve your understanding of a new skill and can help with your progress. Doing project-based learning for Python will help you: 

  • Build your confidence to see your work in action 
  • Give you the ability to experiment and explore Python technologies 
  • Help you master the concepts of programming 
  • Learn about software development lifecycles 

Building Python projects gives you a head-start on getting your first entry-level Python job. Employers are looking for that proof that you have the programming skills you say you have, and a portfolio of projects is a great way to demonstrate your skills.  

Beginner Project Ideas: 

Text-Based Adventure 

A text-based adventure game is a great beginner project. Based on the user’s input, the user can move throughout different rooms and all the rooms have different situations that could happen. Some adventures will end with a ‘game over’ while others will end with ‘win’.  

Skills used in this project include: variables, strings, input/output, if/else, print, and list 

Rock, Paper, Scissors 

This mini game is designed to play the well-loved game of rock, paper, scissors by yourself starting with making a player vs computer program. Through the use of a while loop script, a specific block of code used to repeat a function an unknown amount of times until a condition is met, so you can play several games in a row. 

Skills used in this project include: while loops/ if statements, random function, valid function, result function, and scorekeeper  

Website Blocker 

Create a project that blocks all the distracting websites you are trying to not visit. The program is beneficial for people who get easily distracted to switch to social media sites while into something serious. All you need to know is the host file of the website you want to block from opening.   

Skills used in this project include: time/date function, a while loop, variables, print, lists 

Build a Reddit Bot or Twitter Bot 

You can program a bot that monitors subreddits and reports whenever they find something useful or interesting. You can also create a twitter bot to engage with your followers while you are offline. These projects are a little more advanced than previous projects and require you to get access to the Twitter API or the Reddit API 

For more game ideas, check out the PyGame wiki page. Stay curious and pursue continuing education 


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