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Back Up Your Instincts with Hard Facts About the BC Building Code

By: CJ McGillivray

Published On: April 28, 2021

If you work in real estate or property management, you may have decades of practical experience assessing the value and analyzing the structural integrity of homes. The same can be said for anyone with an extensive background in construction, home inspection or trades. You probably have strong instincts about how a building should or should not be built. Those years of experience are invaluable, but there are always technical advances and routine changes to provincial building regulations. With the help of a continuing education course, you can back up your instincts and professional insight with cold hard facts about the BC Building Code. Here is a brief breakdown of how to combine your intuition with formal education so that you can really succeed in the workforce.

Having the Right Tools

For any construction or building project, you need to make sure that you have the right tools before you get started. Urban planners, architects and anyone who works in real estate sales or management can probably relate. Having the right tools sets you up for success on the job. Remember that education and knowledge are important parts of your tool. Through our continuing education crash course, you can really dive into the nuances and particulars of our provincial building code, fire code and plumbing code. In particular, our BC Building Code 2018 course will give you a stronger understanding of the proper and improper application of the code, along with the core objectives of the code. You will also learn about acceptable solutions to challenges that arise on the job or in relation to the code.

Building a Solid Foundation

Anyone who is versed in the world of construction and real estate knows that a solid foundation makes all the difference. Coupled with your years of experience in the industry, furthering your education will give you the strongest foundation you could hope for. You already have intuition and solid instincts to go on. But how much easier would your job be if you were comfortably equipped with all the facts to support your decisions? Finding the perfect balance of education and experience also proves to your colleagues and clients that you are the right person for the job. The people you work with will be even more eager to trust your leadership instincts when you can back up those instincts with proven knowledge and verifiable regulations.

What Do You Stand to Gain?

With proper education to back up your instincts, you can be more deliberate and efficient in your job. Having a solid combination of intuition, evidence and hard facts will help you put your best foot forward. You will be able to respond to challenges on the fly and feel confident about your decisions. Whether you are a home inspector, builder, construction manager or tradesperson, you can really benefit from practical knowledge and furthering your education. Our crash course is also quite beneficial for anyone who is a real estate investor, homeowner or property manager. Whatever your situation or career background, now you can take your career to the next level with the help of continuing education.


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