International Application Information

General Admission Requirements

Ashton's General Admission Requirements can be found under the Admissions Policy (1001).

English Language Proficiency Guidelines

Ashton's English Language Proficiency Guidelines can be found under the English Language Proficiency Requirements Policy (1002).

The Application Process

To apply to study at Ashton, first take a look through our available programs and courses where you will find program details, schedules, and information on fees. Apply online or speak with our Admissions Office.

All prospective students are advised to read the college's Refund Policy (1023) or Course Cancellation Policy (1037). A full list of our student policies can be found here.

International Student Immigration Visas

International students bring a rich culture and diversity to classrooms in Canada. International students must obtain permission to study in Canada.

  1. Apply to Ashton College for admission (apply four to six months prior to the start of your desired program).
  2. Once admitted, the college will send you a letter of acceptance if you have complied with our requirements regarding payment of tuition fees.
  3. The letter of acceptance is a requirement to attain a study permit for Canada.

There are instances when international students do not need to get a study permit to go to school in Canada. These include:

  • Students planning on studying in Canada for a short period (no longer than six months);
  • Students who are family members or staff of a foreign representative to Canada, recognized by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT);
  • Students who are members of foreign armed forces.

Please follow the instructions laid out on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada site to attain your study permit for Canada and see if you qualify to study in Canada without a permit.

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