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Ashton Graduation 2018

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: December 5, 2018

November 24th, 2018 was a remarkable day for Ashton College – the biannual Graduation Ceremony. This was the time to celebrate and honour, to shine and smile, to recognize and praise. This was the day so many of our students waited for, the day when they were finishing their studies and embarking on an exciting journey towards their new careers.

In the second half of 2018 we welcomed the graduates from the programs in bookkeeping, human resources management, immigration consultancy, special education, medical and dental assistance. Ashton students took their courses in-person and online. So, during the event, it was a great opportunity for them to share their success in a tight circle of their fellow classmates and for some of them to meet each other face-to-face for the very first time.

Ashton College Graduates 2018

At the beginning of the ceremony the President of Ashton College, Colin Fortes, congratulated all the graduates on completing their programs, getting well-deserved diplomas and certificates and wished them best of luck on their new career paths. Colin reminded the graduates how important it was to become experts in their professional fields, be responsible when establishing their own businesses and abide by the legal and ethical standards.

Ashton College Graduates 2018

Colin’s speech was followed by an inspiring message from one of the Ashton alumni, Melissa Briones. She shared her success story of coming to Canada as an immigrant, getting an education at Ashton and starting a new exciting career in human resources. She encouraged the graduates not to give up, to be strong in order to fight the challenges the newcomers face in their new country and to work hard to achieve career success.

Melissa Briones, Alumni of Diploma in Human Resources Management Program

After the official congratulations, all the graduates went up on stage one by one to be recognized by the management and faculty members of Ashton College and receive their rounds of applause.

Recognition of Graduates

The highlight of the graduation event was the awards ceremony. The awards were given to the students who demonstrated high academic achievements and leadership qualities, who managed to overcome the challenges in their studies and revealed perseverance and inner strength in the successful completion of the programs. The graduates also received awards from our industry partners and sponsors.

Reema Jose, Winner of President's Award


Tatiana Clarke, Winner of Perseverance Award


Leigh Copeman, Winner of Academic Achievement Award


Shawn Bowden, Winner of Faculty Award


Harwansh Dhillon, Winner of AURAY Capital Award


Kourosh Misaghi, Winner of AURAY Capital Distinction Award


Veena Kumari Badhan, Winner of AURAY Capital Distinction Award

No celebration is good enough without the loved ones supporting the graduates. At Ashton event, the students brought their family members and friends to celebrate their achievements, to share their success and the excitement of finishing one important stage of their lives and entering a new one – fulfilling their career dreams. For many graduates, this was a tough journey of coming to Canada, switching careers and aspiring to get the professional education to better their lives.

Graduates with Their Guests

We congratulate all our graduates and award winners and wish them all the best in their future career endeavours!

Ashton College Graduates


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