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Ashton College Offers Opportunity for Immigrants and Locals

By: Theresa Pugh

Published On: October 27, 2014

“Oh, Canada, our home and native land…”

These words from Canada’s national anthem remain a beacon of light around the world as immigrants seek a new life in the true north strong and free.

On the west coast of Canada in the fair city of Vancouver, home to Ashton College, people seeking a new career path are offered an extraordinary opportunity through training as an Immigration Consultant.

The Immigration Consultant Diploma (IMCD) Program provides individuals with the academic knowledge to seek out career opportunities as practicing Immigration Consultants, as regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). In Canada, students must meet the requirements set out by the council and become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) before they can legally provide immigration consulting services.

The most common feedback from potential students is: “I didn't know this type of opportunity existed. I want to make a difference in my career and help people. This job ticks off all the boxes.”

According to Chris Yin, a recent graduate of the Immigration Consultant Diploma Online course:

“The IMCD online program gives you more flexibility, plus the online tools are really useful and interactive. The instructors are very helpful and the course design is efficient.”

The Immigration Consultant Diploma (IMCD) Online Program, next intake beginning December 1st, gives students the opportunity to become part of this exciting field without being present on campus. In this online format, students receive the same top quality of instruction as if they were attending an in-class program.

Using the latest in education technology, students taking part in this collaborative study program interact with their instructor and their peers using online education tools provided by Google Apps for Higher Education.

Accredited by the ICCRC, this program allows graduates to meet some of the essential requirements of becoming a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. The Immigration Consultant Diploma (IMCD) Program course is designed to equip individuals with knowledge about the immigration law and policy as well as the analytic skills to apply these principles within practical settings. The knowledge acquired will prepare the graduate for taking the ICCRC Full Skills Exam.

High achievers who wish to run their own business can also take the Bookkeeping Certificate program at Ashton and learn how to balance the books. This has been accredited by the Canadian Bookkeepers Association (CBA), which is a national non-profit association established in 2003. The CBA advances bookkeeping professionals in Canada and furthers the bookkeeping industry as a whole.

And for those who wish to grow their business, Ashton’s online Human Resources Program gives students the skills to manage a company’s organizational success.

Ashton does not offer dry, academic courses. They offer a future. Their forward-looking programs and certificates are taught by current industry experts. Whether it is Immigration Consulting, Bookkeeping or HR, you will earn relevant qualifications that are recognised and required in today’s competitive market. Partnering with Ashton is partnering for your own success.

Thank-you, Canada; thank-you Ashton College.

Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
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