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Ashton College Education Assistant Program Goes Online to Meet the Demand

Published On: April 3, 2020

Ashton College has created an online version of their education assistant program to meet the steady demand for education assistants across Canada

With large class sizes and diverse learning objects, teachers really need extra support. They can’t manage without a qualified education assistant at their side.

An education assistant diploma is a good investment to enter the steady, growing job market. Employers are looking for people with diverse backgrounds as well in this field so it can be especially appealing to new immigrants and those who are planning to move to Canada. Online education is accessible to people all over the world.

“At Ashton we’re focused on the practical needs of our community,” says Ashton College COO Jane Chang. “Applicants kept asking us if we could offer an online option. For them, ‘classroom-based' meant being shut-out of this profession because they couldn’t get their diploma. By offering our education assistant program online we knock down these barriers to access while ensuring that teachers and students across Canada get the extra support they need in the classroom.”

ESL education assistants fill an important need in Canadian schools

For new immigrants and people with English as a second language, this can be a very attractive career path. Due to immigration growth and the melting pot of different cultures and languages in Canada, education assistants with a second language and from different cultural backgrounds are uniquely valuable due to their ability to address the needs of our diverse student body.

Many job opportunities for education assistants

Individuals who complete an education assistant program are qualified to work in a variety of different settings. Education assistants are found across Canada working in public and private classroom settings, tutoring services, respite care and disability programs.

There is a growing need for assistance in early intervention programs, supporting children with health conditions or disabilities that delay their development. Child care centres also require the services of education assistants. By helping children to develop their intellect and overcome their challenges an education assistant provides children the building blocks they needed to lead an independent life.

In breaking down barriers for people who can’t get to a regular classroom, Ashton College is helping people gain the required credentials to begin working as an education assistant. Ashton’s education assistant program takes 11 months to complete online and includes a six-week practicum placement in a classroom setting to ensure individuals graduate with the practical skills employers are looking for.

About Ashton College

Founded in 1998, Ashton College has since become a national and international leader in the field of education. Ashton College welcomes domestic and international students, with extra resources available for immigrants by delivering an innovative, personalized and fully comprehensive learning experience.

Ashton College offers a wide variety of programs that offer lucrative and exciting career paths to match your passion and skillset. Programs available at the college include: Immigration Consultant Diploma Program, Immigration practitioner programs, Human Resources Management program, Red Seal Trades and more.


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