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Ashton Awards Students Who Persevere

Published On: October 31, 2013

Ashton College is excited to award the 2013 graduates at a ceremony that is more of a laid back fun event rather than a formal affair. We like to recognize our students’ achievements in a way that differentiates it from prom-like spectacle. The third Ashton Achievement Awards will take place on December 7, 2013. During this award celebration, we like to award individuals that have overcome great challenges to further their education with a special award, The Perseverance Award. Some of our students are forced to make sacrifices and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals and we like to recognize their commitment to their future.

The Perseverance Award was awarded this past June to Ki Seo Hong and Mariana Soengkono. Ashton 2013 graduates are welcome and invited to nominate a deserving graduate for the Perseverance Award. However, you cannot nominate yourself! If you know someone in your class that has risen above his/her challenges to pursue an Ashton education, fill out the nomination form for them. We want to see who YOU think of as overcoming short-term hardships to achieve long term goals. PA winner

Think about the following when considering your nomination:

  • What challenges has this individual overcome during the pursuit of his/her education?
  • What makes you think this individual is a role model?
  • What makes you think this individual possesses a true sense of leadership?

There will also be faculty nominated awards presented at the Ashton Achievement Awards. There is The President’s Award to award, which is awarded to an individual who provided work that consistently exceeded expectations. There is also The Most Improved Student Award to award a student who overcame academic adversity.

Starting a new career is exciting, so let us celebrate with you on a fantastic night at Canyon Lights at Capilano. The bridges are beautiful and majestic, but it is getting cold outside, so be sure to bundle up!

Nominations for the Perseverance Award will be accepted until November 1, 2013 at 5pm.

Tickets to the Ashton Achievement Awards ceremony are available until November 15, 2013 at 5pm.

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