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Anin Setyo: “Being an immigration consultant requires a strong sense of humanity and willingness to help others”.

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: August 16, 2019

Becoming an immigration consultant was an organic evolution for Anin, who had extensive experience in working with international students interested in studying in Canada. Once she made up her mind to become an RCIC, she started looking for recommendations for an Certified Immigration Consultant Course, and her coworkers at the time referred her to Ashton College. During her studies at Ashton, Anin especially appreciated the level of engagement from the faculty. Despite being busy practitioners, they always took out the time to answer her questions and helped with the study material even outside of the classroom.

Currently, Anin works as an immigration consultant with Bell Alliance and feels grateful for the opportunity to help people achieve their immigration goals. She treats her profession with respect and understands that her responsibility is towards helping her clients overcome their challenges. According to Anin, immigration professionals need to be compassionate, understand the full responsibility of making an impact on people’s lives and stay abreast of the most recent rules and regulations. Anin’s career goals and aspirations are to advance her qualifications and to be able to appear before the Immigration and Refugee Board to successfully support her client’s cases.



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