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Alumni Update | Zhang Hui

By: Maria Bychkova

Published On: April 30, 2019

At Ashton College we consider ourselves to be a large family of like-minded people who are always willing to help and support each other. We stay connected with our alumni and take pride in their success. Moreover, we appreciate it when our alumni give back to their alma mater and share their knowledge and expertise with our students. Zhang Hui, our Immigration Consultant Diploma program Student, who graduated from Ashton in 2016, presently conducts professional seminars for our students regularly to help them navigate through the complex field of immigration law and practice, shares with them her real-life experiences.

Zhang Hui came to Ashton in 2015. A lawyer from China, she realized that continuing her legal career in Canada would be challenging. One of her friends who was from a similar professional background recommended her to take the Immigration Consultant Diploma program at Ashton College and to transfer her legal skills to the immigration field. This was a good fit. Zhang Hui enjoyed the intense nature of the program. She also liked the interactive learning environment and the opportunity to stay connected to the instructors and fellow students during and after classes.

Zhang Hui admits that Ashton College played a key role in her career success in the immigration field. She feels happy she got a chance to become an RCIC and open her own business. Now she is committed to helping her clients understand Canadian immigration rules and regulations and to providing them with a full scope of immigration and legal services. Apart from her practice, Zhang Hui dedicates a lot of time to continuing professional development, delivering seminars and writing articles to share her immigration knowledge with the general public so that more people can benefit from it.


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