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Alumni Update | Misheel Baatarnyam

By: Janice Bandick

Published On: March 16, 2015

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Misheel Baatarnyam completed Ashton’s Immigration Consulting Diploma (IMCD) Program in July 2014. She is currently preparing to write the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) Full Skills Exam in order to become accredited as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), and plans to open her own immigration consulting firm with branches in Vancouver and Mongolia. Misheel recently took time to reflect on the circumstances that led her to Ashton College and discuss her experience in the program that she described as “life-changing.”

An International Education

Misheel graduated from the National University of Mongolia with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations in 2009. Proficient in three languages (English, Mongolian and Russian), Misheel always knew she wanted to explore cross-cultural communication, even dedicating her graduation thesis to a review of Canada's foreign policy towards East Asia and Mongolia. Misheel was drawn towards the immigration industry after fortuitously receiving the opportunity to immigrate to Canada herself. “My career goal is to help people to find the right way to immigrate to Canada. Because so many individuals are desperate to immigrate to Canada (and other first-world nations), they may choose to illegally immigrate, which can threaten their ability to become permanent residents. I want to help people realize that they have options and that they can create a life for themselves in Canada, and I am an example of that.”

Misheel was initially drawn to Canada because of its multicultural identity, noting “I wanted the chance to experience the North American lifestyle and to explore many different cultures. Multiculturalism is one of Canada’s greatest assets, and now that I have completed the IMCD program and am working towards accreditation as an RCIC, I can contribute to that.”

The Ashton Experience

Prior to enrolling at Ashton, Misheel had no experience with immigration law beyond her own immigration experience. “I had completed internships with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mongolia and with the General Prosecutor’s Office of Mongolia while in university, which is where I became interested in foreign affairs and immigration law. Beyond that, the majority of my work experience was in business development. Because it focuses specifically on the Canadian immigration system, everything in the IMCD program felt very new to me.” Misheel relied on her instructors’ knowledge as practicing immigration consultants, noting “everything in the program was very hands-on. I learned how to apply immigration law in real life, the daily realities of managing an immigration consulting firm, and how to communicate with clients who are dealing with stressful situations and high levels of uncertainty. I had to dedicate myself completely to the program and to mastering the material.”

Misheel’s advice for prospective students reflects her own experience: “Be the first one to know. Dedicate yourself fully to learning, because the program lasts a short time, but your entire career can depend on how well you understand the information that is presented. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in this industry, you won’t regret choosing Ashton College. It has given me the opportunity to change my career, and my life. I am grateful to Ashton College for giving me that chance.”



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