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Alumni Update | Alina Kadyrova

By: Janice Bandick

Published On: September 9, 2015

AlinaOriginally from Russia, Alina Kadyrova traveled to Vancouver in order to attend Ashton College, and to gain international work experience. Interested primarily in marketing, Alina obtained a practicum position with Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW), specializing in marketing and social media content management. “I quickly realized how the knowledge I gained during my program at Ashton was applicable in the real world. I felt so prepared for my practicum interviews after the Human Resources course that I took with Bart [Zych]. Every company I interviewed with offered me a position, and I was able to choose the organization that best suited my goals and interests.”

Alina began her practicum as a Designer Coordinator, working with clients and designers to customize services suited to their needs, and contributing to VFW’s social media platforms. “After a little over one month I was promoted to the head of the US designers coordinators team and then I was moved up to the head of the social media team, where I’m responsible for managing and driving VFW brand engagement through all social media activity.

VFW provided me with so many opportunities to improve my skills and prove my potential. I’m very passionate about what I do now, and I truly enjoy every moment of communicating with designers and managing social media.”

Alina credits Ashton College with helping her to develop her communication skills. “I believe that those skills are the reason people find it easy to work with me. I am grateful to Ashton College for that. I am also thankful to Vancouver Fashion Week for challenging me every day and constantly pushing me to improve.”


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