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Published On: September 29, 2014

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Marcus Moser Loos came to Ashton College after graduating with a degree in Business Administration in Brazil. He made the choice to study abroad because he knew it would open doors for him and give his resume an added competitive advantage.

“I came [to Canada] because it’s my dream to open my own business. I think improving my English and getting more familiar with the [North American] way of doing business will help me achieve this goal. In Brazil, I was a professional soccer player for six years, so I want to start a sports related business.”

Marcus knew that the Diploma in Business program at Ashton College would not only allow him to improve his English, but also provide him with additional skills. “The program at Ashton and the topics we covered like marketing, finance and project management were so great. The fact that the program was six months long really sold Ashton College to me.”

While studying abroad does present some challenges in that learning and teaching styles differ from country to country, these challenges only help to improve your overall skills. The most rewarding aspect about studying in a foreign country is that you are exposed to so many different perspectives and ways of doing things. You can take aspects of other cultures and ways of doing business and apply them to everyday situations giving you more opportunities for success.

One of the challenges that Marcus faced while studying in Canada is the difference in learning styles between Canada and Brazil. “In general, Canadians are much more straightforward. If you are negotiating, you cut straight to the point whereas people from Brazil need to create a connection first. Likewise, [the Canadian] learning style is a little stricter than it is in Brazil, but it wasn't hard to get used to!”

Marcus graduated with a Diploma in Business this fall and has since returned to Brazil.


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