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Accredited CELPIP Preparation Program Launches

By: Janice Bandick

Published On: February 12, 2016

Ashton College is thrilled to announce that our first-ever Accredited CELPIP Preparation Program group has now completed their Speaking module!

This tight-knit group of six began the Speaking module on February 3rd and enjoyed 18 hours of instructional time with educator Jennifer Cummins. An ESL instructor with over nine years of experience, Jennifer is an accredited CELPIP Preparation Program instructor, and holds a Masters degree in Educational Psychology.

CELPIP ClassInstructor Jennifer Cummins (far left) poses with the first-ever Ashton Accredited CELPIP Preparation Program group.

During the course students learned about the CELPIP test format, question types, and performance expectations, sharpened their English skills, built their vocabularies, and most importantly, became more confident CELPIP test takers.

Students noted the importance of receiving expert instruction and feedback, stating:

“We get to practice answering questions, receive feedback from Jennifer and from each other, and receive guidance on how to pass the exam. It’s not just learning more about the English language, it’s also learning more about the exam format and the different types of questions and how to approach them.”

Another student, who completed the CELPIP exam but did not score as highly as she hoped to, noted “the prep program is very helpful; we learn how to answer the questions during the speaking module and can ask Jennifer for help when we need to. When I read the book by myself, I was very unsure what the exam would be like and if I was prepared. The next time I write the exam, I will be much more confident.”

As an Accredited CELPIP Preparation Program and Paragon Testing Partner, Ashton College is uniquely positioned as one of the only institutions in British Columbia to offer prep courses for the CELPIP exam, as well as offering the CELPIP exam itself in our brand new Test Centre.


Students who complete any of the four Accredited CELPIP Preparation Program modules (Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening) receive a discounted purchase rate for the CELPIP-General Test and the CELPIP-General LS Test.

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