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A Two Way Street

Published On: July 29, 2013

Heather Blanchard manages recruitment at Ashton College.

Last week, on our Facebook, we posted about the importance of preparing for an interview because a forty minute interview could determine how you spend forty hours a week.

This particular post inspired me to reflect on the countless interviews that I attended during my job search after I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and the importance of using every minute of interviews.

I spend more of my time during the week at work then I do with my husband. This is why it was important to me that when I found a job, it was a job that would help me start my career as a marketing communications professional at a company that helped people. As I went through my interview process, it became apparent that it was equally important to me that I found a job working in a work environment where I was valued as an employer.

I used two techniques during my interviews to ensure that I gathered the information I required to assess if it was a good fit for me.

While interviewers were asking me questions to see if I was the right fit for their position and company, it was just as important for me to gather the information required to assess if the position and company were good fits for me. I did this by listening carefully to the types of questions interviewers asked and the type of information they gave me about the position. I also took every chance that presented itself to ask the employer questions. I asked a wide range of questions: What does a day in this position look like? How would you describe your company culture? What do you like most about working here?

When answering interviewers’ questions I made sure to answer them in a manner that was reflective of what was important to me as an employee and an individual. I realized that if I answered the questions in the manner that the employer wanted me to, in some cases, I would have potentially ended up in a position that was not right for me. Ultimately, for me, the right fit was a job that provided me with career satisfaction and motivation; that makes me want to come to work and provides me with the opportunity to constantly strive to be the professional that this college needs me to be, and that I am proud to be.

When working through a job search and preparing for an interview, ensure that you take the time to reflect on what you want to accomplish in your career, what you would be happy doing for the majority of your forty hour work week, what kind of work environment you would like to work in, and what you as an individual value in a company.


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