A Career in Bookkeeping

Published On: October 10, 2014

bookkeeping trend thumbAll businesses, regardless of their size perform financial transactions and all of them need bookkeepers. Bookkeeping is a stable and in-demand profession that sometimes gets overlooked. In addition, the average unemployment rate of bookkeepers is half as low as the average unemployment rate, meaning that competition and time it takes to find employment is significantly less.

Bookkeeping as a career has some of the best employment opportunities in Canada, with Service Canada projecting annual growth in demand for bookkeepers to be 2.3% until 2015. Moreover, Service Canada reports that 80% of all bookkeepers find full-time employment.

A bookkeeper deals with the more day to day tasks involved in managing a company’s financial records, whereas an accountant will generally review and analyse the associated reports, look at the books at year-end to make any adjustment entries and complete the tax return etc. Though, depending on the experience of the bookkeeper there may be a crossover in the tasks performed.

If you take pride in a balanced cheque book each month, companies across every industry need your skill to manage their finances. A career in bookkeeping is stable and rewarding.

Gaining a bookkeeping course will not only give you new employment opportunities, but also the ability to start your own business. Many bookkeepers are self-employed, running small businesses and sub-contracting services to regular clients. Working on an hourly rate that can be more than double an average wage, this type of bookkeeper can earn a very good living with relatively little capital outlay.

Some self-employed bookkeepers will build up their clientele to a point where they start employing other bookkeepers, or even accountants and other financial services professionals. It is possible from a small start as an independent bookkeeper, to build a substantial business, though this is generally the exception rather than the rule.



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