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4 Reasons Taking the Canadian Securities Course Online is the Best Option

By: Ronda Payne

Published On: June 5, 2020

In times of uncertainty, taking personal control of one’s finances or providing educated financial advice to others can be a positive step. With the advent of COVID and an increase in civil protests in North American cities, financial markets have been negatively impacted. It’s hard for anyone to watch their investments decrease and it might be time to become more educated and involved in what’s happening with your investments. Or perhaps you’re ready to help Canadians better manage their investments by advancing your position in the financial services industry. 

Whatever your reasons for taking a Canadian Securities Course, even in these times of COVID where traditional classrooms are generally off limits, there is an opportunity to take the CSC Course online. This allows for the same level of advanced financial education while providing flexibility, safety and a number of other benefits. 

For serious personal investors, the CSC Course online through Ashton College provides a basis in understanding securities. Those pursuing a career in the financial services industry will see the CSC education and earned designation as a solid step to move their career forward. The Canadian Securities Course is the baseline regulatory requirement for an individual to conduct transactions in securities and mutual funds and is a requirement in many financial services positions. After passing the CSC exam and earning the designation, opportunities for more advanced designations open up. 

Many people have put their educational goals on hold during COVID, but with the CSC Course online, there’s no need to wait. Here are four reasons why taking the Canadian Securities Course online may be the best option for you and your future:

Flexibility for those already in the industry

If you already work in the financial services industry, you’re an essential service during COIVD and have likely had your schedule change a few times to accommodate the various protocols and standards required for public safety. It can be exhausting at the end of the day and the thought of sitting in a classroom (if that were even possible) might make you want to pull your hair out. 

Fortunately, the CSC Course offered through Ashton College’s Live Online platform allows students to learn from wherever they are most comfortable while using their own internet-connected tools. While some of the course content is delivered live at certain times, you can always watch the recording later if that session didn’t fit your schedule. Plus, with the online classroom tool, there’s plenty of ability to learn about assignments, interact with other classmates and the instructor and ask questions outside of live sessions. 

Because more and more financial services organizations are looking for CSC graduates, this is an excellent way to prove your knowledge of: the features and benefits of a number of financial instruments; how to assess market performance including the ability to analyze corporate financial statements; the portfolio management process; industry standards and ethics; and a greater ability to serve financial services clients. 

Flexibility for the serious personal investor

You want to learn more about the finance industry and securities, but maybe you already have a solid understanding of certain aspects. Because the CSC course is delivered online, it allows you the flexibility to focus on areas where you require more knowledge by watching sessions again, asking questions in the online classroom and reviewing others’ comments. You can breeze through areas where you already feel confident. 

The course allows you to better understand financial reports because many people, while relatively investment savvy, find the markets confusing. The education in the CSC course helps to simplify and create an understanding around these reports that dominate the financial landscape. Also, because the CSC is really the ground level investment course, if you have an interest in investments, investing and the markets, this is best source of quality education at the initial, yet specific level. Perhaps most important, is that the CSC Canada course allows for a greater sense of control over a wider range of investments. 

Self-study, but with structure as needed

The CSC course was established as a self-study program, but institutions like Ashton College recognized the value of providing a structured format for students to digest the information. This has since been expanded to include an online delivery option. 

Course set ups vary depending upon the education institution so look to one with a structure that fits your personal needs and study style. The online format seems to be ideal for many people in that it delivers structure around the times for live lessons, but there is the opportunity for flexibility as well so it’s really the best of both worlds. The online classroom tool ensures you stay connected to your instructor and classmates which increases accountability. 

Establish valuable connections

Every classroom allows you to build relationships, but in an online environment, due to the flexibility, you’re likely to be exposed to individuals from various regions and at different stages in their lives. You’ll also encounter those in the financial service industry as well as serious personal investors. 

The world is filled with a vast number of people who have different ideas and opinions about the best way to approach finances. Consider the number of self-help books available on investing and the number of financial “coaches” willing to help. With all these ideas, it’s important to keep an open mind to what others have to say and a great network can be formed from the diverse group of individuals you’ll find in your online classroom environment. 

Take advantage of getting to know one another and learn about personalities, styles and approaches. For those in the financial services industry, these connections can help with more than just alternative points of view on investments. They may also become sounding boards, mentors and even sources of future job opportunities. Personal investors are likely to gain wisdom and different points of view to stretch their education further and give them an even greater understanding of the financial services landscape and market. 

If you’ve been thinking about taking the Canadian Securities Course, but thought you had to put it off because of COVID restrictions, it’s time to look into the schools that offer the CSC course online. While online learning isn’t necessarily for everyone, it definitely provides the flexibility, control and connections many people are seeking from their education. 

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