6 thoughts on “Tips to Pass the ICCRC Full Skills Exam

  1. Francis NG is the heart of Ashton’s immigration program. Nevena is the excellent as well! — Class 2012 immigration diploma, former member of the Alberta Provincial Parliament (MLA) and currently the Senior VP of Triple Maple Leaf Canada-Immigration Consulting

  2. I am agree that I need some more study to enter in the ICCRC exam , I can join the college after my English skills test exam , thanks

  3. Hi
    Ashton, will you please tell about the tentative score or the minimum/ range regarding pass marks so as to be sure to take the exam with confidence? Thanks.

    • Hello Arvind,

      When it comes to the FSE pass-mark, it is determined using the Modified Angoff Method. In short, the score for each question depends on the perceived difficulty of that question. Therefore, it is hard to say what would be the minimum score you would need to pass.

      If you think you would like extra preparation, I would recommend taking our ICCRC prep course: http://www.ashtoncollege.ca/programs/iccrc-full-skills-exam-prep-course/

      Hope this helps!

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