LLQP – Life Licence Qualification Program

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The Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP), is the first step to applying for a life insurance licence. Take the LLQP at Ashton College, and learn from industry professionals with years of experience in their field. Ashton’s LLQP focuses on real-world case studies to help students develop practical, applicable skills, as well as providing them with the education necessary to pass the provincial certification examination.

The objective of Ashton’s harmonized LLQP program is to provide solid review sessions for insurance professionals entering the field.


Source: Advocis

The LLQP is comprised of a series of seminars which are offered both in-class and online by industry specialists. The program is organized into the following seminars: Life Insurance, Accident and Sickness Insurance, Segregated Funds and Annuities, and Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law).

The thing that really enhanced my Ashton experience was the Program Advisers. Having someone who sees the bigger picture and can advise you on how to proceed with your career is very important and valuable.
Alexei Schwartzman – LLQP & IFC, 2009

Program Outline

There are two Program Outlines for the LLQP, for both the in-class and online formats. The Program Outlines include more detail on each module, as well as duration and structure.

Please click below to view details for each format.

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Registration fees for the LLQP can be seen on our Fees webpage:

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Your program provider supplies study materials and administers qualifying exams. Please purchase your study materials from your chosen provider before attending the seminars.

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