Diploma in International Trade

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FITTThe Diploma in International Trade program will equip students with the skills, knowledge and experience to take advantage of the new opportunities in the international market, to overcome cultural barriers and build lasting international alliances. Students will address essential business topics within the context of global trade, ranging from macro issues such as the global economy to pragmatic topics such as logistic procedures on how to move goods around the world.

The Diploma in International Trade program at Ashton College is accredited by the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT). Upon successful completion of the eight accredited courses and two FITT assessments, students will earn the FITT Diploma. To qualify for the CITP®|FIBP® designation, students must have successfully completed the FITTskills program, or equivalency thereof, and must have a minimum of one-year professional international business experience.


Required courses are accredited by the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA). Graduating students receive the Professional Sales Certificate from CPSA.

Program Outline

The Program Outline provides more detail on the program structure, duration, evaluation and specific admissions requirements. It also gives an in-depth description of each course in the program, and details on certification.

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For more information, please speak with our Admissions Office.


Tuition fees for this program are due and payable at least 30 days prior to the cohort start date. Students with guaranteed funding arrangements will be exempt from this requirement provided that they produce documentary proof at least 30 days prior to the cohort start date.

All formats of the program are eligible for Canada Student Loans, other forms of government funding, and bank financing. However students are responsible for making their own funding arrangements and are advised to contact the relevant funder well in advance of the start date to make an application.

Tuition fees for this program can be seen on our Fees webpage:

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Note: Tuition fees (all formats) do not include the cost of required textbooks. Please see the “Program Materials” section below for more details.

Please note, Ashton College no longer accepts credit cards for tuition payments. Please click here to view a full list of payment options.

Program Materials

Please note, the program costs listed above do not include the cost of textbooks. Students are responsible for purchasing their textbooks and should note that textbooks may take up to three weeks to be delivered by providers.

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