President’s Message


Welcome to Ashton College,

Ashton College has grown into a globally influential institution. Our first rate students, skilled instructors, and practical programs have all helped our College become a leader in career development. Ashton is a place where you will be appreciated as an individual, your perspectives will be heard and you will learn from others as they will learn from you. The staff and faculty at Ashton College are here to celebrate your successes and to support you in your challenges.

At Ashton, we pride ourselves on diversity, both within our programs and in our student body. We believe that every student adds to this, and we hope to provide you with a welcoming environment not just to study, but to learn.

We believe that you are ultimately the one who chooses your career path – our commitment is simply to give you the guidance and education needed to start you on that right path.

As you explore our website, I hope you will consider becoming an active participant in shaping Ashton College’s future and think about the positive impact you can make through our career training programs.

Warmest Regards,


Colin Fortes
President, Ashton College